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Disaster emergency response and recovery is done by effective mobilization of all resources as stated in Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 24, 2007 on Disaster Management, and other relevant legislation.

  • Floods cause a lot of loss / damage to both property and lives. To reduce negative impact, telemetry flood early warning equipment is needed.
  • Related to this, the Minister of Public Works issued Decree No. 238A/KPTS/M/2006, dated May 31, 2006 on the Establishment of Development Team for Flood Early Warning System with Working Group consisting of: Research Center for Water Resources, PT. INTI, UNDIP and ITS; Legally liable person: Director General, Public Works Agency for Research and Development and Steering Committee: Director General of Water Resources, Ministry of Public Works; Director of River, Lake and Reservoir, Directorate General of Water Resources; Director General of Postal Services and Telecommunication, Ministry of Communications and Informatics; and Director of Water and Irrigation, Bappenas.
  • Criteria of Equipment: The developed early warning flood system technology must be compatible with conditions in Indonesia.
  • Designed telemetry equipment is a purely competitive national product, thus eliminating the dependence on foreign products.

Sub-systems and Functions

  • Using sensors of river water level recorder, rainfall, temperature, humidity and others known as Transducer. Recorded data is converted from analogue to digital value by the Agent and all data are sent to the Flood Management Center (FMC) by DCN. Power source uses solar energy (solar-cell) and dry battery as reserve power.
  • Media for the Agent and FMC to exchange data is called Data Communication Network (DCN). Communication media uses the Short Message System and is developed by GSM / CDMA cellular technology.
  • Flood Management Center (FMC) is a data processing center, and as the central control system. FMC will collect, process, and calculate data to produce a prediction for some time to come and saving data. FMC shall also notify a specific unit. Resulted data shall be stored in a well structured data base for an extended period and further processing.
  • Display & Alerting System: public output unit providing warning. The system can be adapted to the needs and characteristics of the local area.
  • Could be integrated in a national early warning system